How To Pay with BTC ,LTC&BCH

If you're paying with Bitcoin, you will need to purchase some from, or, we will provide you an address to send the bitcoins to at checkout.
We recommend the best payment way by Bitcoin, because:
a) it’s more secure
b) it’s safe for you
c) it’s safe for us
d) no fees

Where can I buy bitcoins?
The best way to buy bitcoins anonymously is to make cash deposit at
Super easy, anyone could literally do it. The seller will provide you with all the information you need in order to complete the transaction. All you need to do is ask the teller for a bank slip.
How to buy Bitcoins with Paypal , and are helpful sites for beginners too.
ALWAYS  buy $5 more than you need as Bitcoin rates can go up and down though out the day!
Buy Bitcoins with Cash App 
Buy Bitcoin with cash at store – Buy Bitcoin Instantly at Thousands of Local Stores
Check the nearest store at  >>>
Buy Bitcoins with Amazon Gift Cards, Western Union, Paypal, iTunes Gift Cards, etc… 

How To Pay with Western Union

When you order, choose Western Union as your payment method. When you complete the order you'll be supplied the receiver information to send the payment to. All information must be accurate, it is best to go to an agent location and pay with cash as this will allow for instant pickup for our WU receivers when they go pickup money. Once picked up your payment will be marked as accepted. If your order is marked failed, please submit a ticket.

How To Pay with Moneygram

When you order, select Moneygram as your payment method. You have many places you can go to send the money, such as Walmart, Walgreens etc. We will supply all the receiver information you need in order to send the money once you check out. The site will then request the information that we need from you on your account page. Submit what we ask for then wait for approval. If your order is marked failed, please submit a ticket

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